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Tourism, digital solutions and marketing.
Our firm will support your business with a combination of these three fields.

Marketing Voice was established in 2002. Our firm dealt and engaged with digital marketing before it became commonplace in the business world. We also quickly connected tourism with marketing before that was commonplace, using this to create solutions for our clients.

It has been 20 years since the beginning of our firm and tourism marketing and tourism digital transformation have finally become a topic of discussion in Japan. However, the country is falling behind in comparison to other countries in this field.

We will use our experience and knowledge that we have gained over the years of engaging with tourism, digital solutions and marketing to create a powerful combination of support for our clients.


In order to succeed at marketing, you must create a structure that tells your clients what value you bring in your services and what your strengths are.
Marketing Voice will support you from strategic planning to implementation.

  • Mid-to-long term business vision, wanting to create a digital marketing strategy
  • Using data and digital transformation promotion
  • Focusing on growth strategies after COVID-19, wanting to create new business enterprises


  • Business roadmap

  • Personas


We use analyzed data, user testing and surveys to survey the potential needs of customers and market trends. We collect accurate data and use that data effectively to lead projects to success.

  • Clients who want to have qualitative surveys in a fixed quantity in order to visualize market trends and user awareness
  • Clients who want to survey the latest trends of overseas digital technlogies
  • Clients who want to survey, analyze and measure effectiveness in order to visualize the current market and issues

Relevant projects


  • Survey reports


We are able to offer the latest and most appropriate digital marketing techniques that matches your firm.
We can offer measures created from cross-sectional points of view and support your firm until completion, breaking through any problems or issues that arise.

  • Clients who lack human resources internally that specialize in digital marketing
  • Clients who need business consultation from digital marketing specialists
  • Clients who need support as the development project continues on but isn't doing well

Relevant projects


  • Trend commentary

  • Customer journey


We will support your from start to finish: website, application planning development, production and operations. Not only do we create the deliverables, we also plan and define goals and roles clearly.
Our high quality content planning, design, development and effective operations will act as a marketing tool to help you achieve the results you need.

  • Clients who want to develop effective websites and applications
  • Clients who are unsatisfied with the sale results and the current website
  • Clients who need a business system development in order for digital transformation of the tourism data base

Relevant projects


  • High-level sitemap

  • Wireframes


We offer various plans and strategies to build a close and long-lasting relationship with our clients.
By familiarizing ourselves with the market needs, interests and trends from client data and analysis, we're able to communicate effectively.

  • Clients who want to use media such as social networks, public relations, promotions, campaigns to attract customers
  • Clients who want to effectively communicate information via social networks and email newsletters
  • Clients who want to build relationships with customers to get them to come back again

Relevant projects


  • Advertising operations

  • E-mail newsletter


We also carry out seminars and lectures about travel tech and the dramatic changes and progression in digital trends in an easy-to-understand manner. We provide human resource education support and skill-up opportunities so that your firm can create business models from planning to implementation with the latest technologies.

  • Clients who need seminars or lectures regarding travel tech and the latest digital trends
  • Clients who need to further educate the current workforce with digital knowledge
  • Clients looking for specialist members on the board and committee


We provide one-stop services based on market analyses, including strategy planning, implementation/development, and effectiveness measurement.

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    We first decide and define the concept of the project. After collecting qualitative data and analysis from external and internal environments, we decide on the positioning, target demographics and market segment.

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    Strategy Planning

    We clearly define the goals of the project and create specific strategies, techniques and measures.

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    Implementation and Development

    We then implement the specific strategy planned out based on the planning stage.
    We move forward with the project, adjusting it according to customer issues, budgets and schedules.

  4. 04

    Measuring Effectiveness

    We then measure the effectiveness of each of the strategies that we took.
    We verify the results and re-examine any issues and continue to improve our strategies until the set goals have been reached.